The Xreate programming language
src Directory Reference


directory  analysis
 Data structures and providers for analysis step. Everything that depends on Clasp reasoner's API.
directory  aux
 Auxiliary files.
directory  compilation
 Code related to compilation step. Everything that depends on compiler toolchain LLVM internals.
directory  pass
 Various passes to gather data and perforrm analysis and compilation.
directory  query
 Code for exrtacting solutions from reasoner output and influence compilation.


file  ast.h
 A syntax tree representation and related code.
file  attachments.h
 The attachments support: a mechanism to attach additional data to AST nodes.
file  contextrule.h
 Context rules support. See more on context rules
file  ExternLayer.h
 An external C code interaction support.
file  llvmlayer.h
 Bytecode generation.
file  modules.h
 Modules support.
file  serialization.h
 Serialization: mechanism to represent expressions in compact form for efficient processing.
file  transcendlayer.h
 Transcend reasoning implementation.
file  utils.h
 Auxiliary code.
file  xreatemanager.h
 The entry point of Xreate API.