Welcome to Xreate

Purpose and why: The programming language Xreate is fueled by the aim to facilitate source code's efficiency, as well as rapid development, safety, and regression resistance at the same time – exactly the kind of problem many software developers struggle with on a daily basis. You may say it is impossible. Yet there is a solution!

How: This requires to blend seemingly incompatible positive features of high-level languages with those found in low-level ones. Turns out it is possible by introducing automated reasoning called Transcend to oversee and guide compilation process.

What: The approach is powerful enough to address traditionally challenging problems such as those that usually arise when building software from standalone ready to use components(see Containers) - compatibility problems, or from using mutable data structures for performance reasons(see Communication), or those related to a joint use of the external resources in a complex software(see Exploitation, Virtualization).

Please see Introduction to learn more. Feel free to ask questions or send an email.

Current Status and Contributing

The project is in its early stages with a working demo as a proof of concept. The goal is to evaluate public interest, get feedback and invite people willing to contribute. You can find sources at the git repository.

Compiler is written in C++. See Internal API for the details.

Look at the roadmap for the information related to the development.

We are always looking for suggestions on how to improve the project. If you find bugs or have any ideas please let us know by opening a report in our issue tracker. You can also contribute directly by sending your corrections via Patches.


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