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AST Class Reference

AST in a consistent state. More...

#include <ast.h>

Detailed Description

AST in a consistent state.

AST has two mutually exclusive possible states:

This class represents a consistent state and should be used by clients unless client's code explicitly works with AST under construction. Consistent AST enables access to additional functions(such as type management).

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Public Member Functions

ExpandedType expandType (const TypeAnnotation &t) const
 Computes fully expanded form of type by substituting all arguments and aliases. More...
ExpandedType findType (const std::string &name)
ExpandedType getType (const Expression &expression)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AST
void add (Function *f)
 Adds new function to AST. More...
void add (MetaRuleAbstract *r)
 Adds new declarative rule to AST. More...
ManagedScpPtr add (CodeScope *scope)
 Registers new code block.
void add (TypeAnnotation t, Atom< Identifier_t > alias)
 Add new type to AST. More...
std::string getModuleName ()
 Current module's name.
ManagedPtr< FunctionfindFunction (const std::string &name)
 Looks for function with given name. More...
std::list< ManagedFnPtr > getAllFunctions () const
 Returns all function in AST.
std::list< ManagedFnPtr > getFunctionSpecializations (const std::string &fnName) const
 Returns all specializations of a function with a given name. More...
template<class Target >
ManagedPtr< Target > begin ()
xreate::ASTfinalize ()
 Performs all necessary steps after AST is built. More...
void addDFAData (Expression &&data)
 Stores DFA scheme for later use by DFA Pass. More...
void addExternData (ExternData &&data)
 Stores data for later use by xreate::ExternLayer.
void addInterfaceData (const ASTInterface &interface, Expression &&data)
 Generalized function to store particular data for later use by particular pass. More...
void recognizeVariantConstructor (Expression &function)
 Tries to find out whether expression is Variant constructor.
Atom< Number_t > recognizeVariantConstructor (Atom< Identifier_t > ident)
void postponeIdentifier (CodeScope *scope, const Expression &id)
 Postpones unrecognized identifier for future second round of recognition. More...
void recognizePostponedIdentifiers ()
 Second round of identifiers recognition done right after AST is fully constructed.

Additional Inherited Members

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std::set< std::pair< CodeScope *, Expression > > bucketUnrecognizedIdentifiers

Member Function Documentation

◆ expandType()

Expanded< TypeAnnotation > expandType ( const TypeAnnotation t) const

Computes fully expanded form of type by substituting all arguments and aliases.

tType to expand
Expdanded or normal form of type
See also

◆ findType()

Expanded< TypeAnnotation > findType ( const std::string &  name)

Searches type by given name

nameTypename to search
Expanded or normal form of desired type
if type name is not found returns new undefined type with this name

◆ getType()

ExpandedType getType ( const Expression expression)

Invokes Type Inference Analysis to find out expanded(normal) form expressions's type

See also
Type of expression

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