The Xreate programming language
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XreateManager Class Referenceabstract

Entry point of Xreate API. More...

Detailed Description

Entry point of Xreate API.

Manages whole Xreate compiler's internal workflow. There are 4 distinctive stages managed by XreateManager:


For adaptability reasons XreateManager comes with several frontends:

Besides, there are also backends as follows:

Thus, client could combine a desired frontend along with a desired backend as it sees fit. Default xreate::XreateManager wraps around the full backend to init all builtin passes, and the simplest frontend with the only run() exposed to execute all stages at once.

Inheritance diagram for XreateManager:
PassManager XreateManagerDecoratorModules< Parent >

Public Member Functions

virtual void * run ()=0
 Consequently executes all compilation and code execution phases.

Static Public Member Functions

static XreateManagerprepare (std::string &&code)
 Constructs XreateManager for a given code.
static XreateManagerprepare (FILE *code)
 Constructs XreateManager for a given script file.

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