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DFAPass Class Reference

Data Flow Analysis Pass. More...

#include <dfapass.h>

Detailed Description

Data Flow Analysis Pass.

Provides DFA, an important analysis for the reasoning. Traverses over AST and stores the collected data in the xreate::dfa::DFAGraph

Inheritance diagram for DFAPass:
AbstractPass< SymbolNode > IPass LateReasoningDFAPassDecorator< Parent >

Protected Member Functions

virtual SymbolNode process (const Expression &expression, PassContext context, const std::string &varDecl="") override
 Processes single Expression.
virtual SymbolNode process (CodeScope *scope, PassContext context, const std::string &hintBlockDecl="") override
 Processes single CodeScope.
virtual SymbolNode process (ManagedFnPtr function) override
 Processes Function.
void finish () override
 Finalizes pass. Empty by default.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractPass< SymbolNode >
virtual SymbolNode processFnCall (ManagedFnPtr functionCallee, PassContext context)
 Processes function invocation instruction.
virtual SymbolNode processFnCallUncertain (const std::string &calleeName, const std::list< ManagedFnPtr > &candidates, PassContext context)
 Processes function invocation instruction in uncertain cases. More...
virtual void process (ManagedRulePtr rule)
 Processes Logic Rule.
void run ()
 Executes AST traverse.

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